Hello Earthling.


Hey there! So you’ve found yourself on my portfolio/blog.

Either I’ve pestered you into visiting this site (in which case, I’m thankful), or you’ve wandered here on your own, (in which case, I buy you a chocolate chip cookie).

This website, which I put together with a keen sense of aesthetics, a will to showcase my work, and absolutely no coding knowledge, is an updated version of the work I’ve showcased so far, on portals like Coroflot, Behance, Shown’d, etc, along with a few unseen projects! As you can see, I’ve already whipped up a new identity and all that jazz.
The identity aims at bridging my love for design and passion for music, something I intend to do through this site in the time to come.

Feel free to explore this site, browse through my work by clicking on the ‘Projects’ button on top, or click on ‘Blog’ for more informal stuff.
Maybe later, you could click on the ‘Say Hello!’ button to drop me a line. We can go out for a cup of tea and a scintillating conversation.

And maybe a chocolate chip cookie…

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