“What we experience, and what we remember about what
we’ve experienced are two totally different things.

Most product design efforts are directed only towards the former.”
– Jeremy Finch

I’m Sarang Sheth, a Graduate in Product (Industrial) Design at MIT Institute of Design, Pune. I believe that the product experience should linger on even when the user isn’t interacting with the product. I’m highly passionate about gadgets/electronic products, music, and books. Apart from design, I am also a keen musician, having learnt Indian classical vocals for over 12 years.

I love interacting with people, products, and occasionally animals too. I’m inseparable from my laptop, and my acoustic guitar.

Work Experience

Editor-in-Chief (2015 – Current)

Industrial Designer (2 years)
Studio ABD, Bangalore

Full-Length Project (6 Months)
Notion Ink Design Labs, Bangalore

Summer Internship (6 Weeks)
Design Directions, Pune

Click Here to view my Résumé



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