Apple iMac Pro Concept


The Apple iMac Pro is a conceptual piece of work and isn’t affiliated with Apple in any way. It was originally created for Yanko Design, and can be found ‘here’.

Based on a patent discovered at the US Patent and Trademark Office, here’s a visualization of an all-glass iMac Pro that cascades from screen to keyboard in one single, elegant motion that’s reminiscent of a Dali painting.

The slim screen transitions into a keyboard and two trackpads at the bottom, making the iMac Pro ambidextrous. This slim profile allows Apple to shift all the computing into a small block behind the iMac Pro’s screen, propping it up in the process.

The iMac is due for a redesign, given that we’re still operating on a an aesthetic that was unveiled in 2012. These patented images showcase what could also probably be Apple’s most radical redesign since Jony Ive left the company in 2009. Given how slim and drop-dead gorgeous the concept looks, Ive would be pretty proud, don’t you think?

Modeled in Rhino 6. Rendered in Keyshot 9.


These images belong to Sarang Sheth and should not be replicated or reproduced without consent from the designer. Please contact me here for permission.

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