Dyson Air Purifying Headphones Concept


The Air-Purifying Headphones are a conceptual piece of work and aren’t affiliated with Dyson in any way. They were originally created for Yanko Design, and can be found ‘here’.

Earlier in Feb 2020, Bloomberg revealed that Dyson was working on a pair of portable/wearable purifiers. The patent files by Dyson show ‘air-purifying headphones’ with a dual-headband design that can swivel forward to cover one’s mouth. Within the headphones sit Dyson’s powerful, quiet propellers, that suck air through the side of the ear-cups and purify them, channeling them through the outer band, directly towards one’s mouth and nose.

The conceptual Air-Purifying Headphones build on that design, integrating Dyson’s form language and CMF into the product. They feature a bladeless-fan-inspired outlet on the top, that swivels forward to blow purified air at the wearer, while preventing their face from being hidden, as usually seen in conventional cloth face-masks.

Modeled in Shapr3D for iPad Pro. Detailed in Rhino 6. Rendered in Keyshot 9.


These images belong to Sarang Sheth and should not be replicated or reproduced without consent from the designer. Please contact me here for permission.

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