Google Pixel 5 Concept


The Google Pixel 5 smartphone is a conceptual piece of work and isn’t affiliated with Google in any way. It was originally created for Yanko Design, and can be found ‘here’.

While we still await the Pixel 4A (which seems to be in some sort of flux at the moment), rumors of a strange-looking phone have been floating around the web for a while. With an unusual camera bump that’s U-shaped, this could possibly be the Google Pixel 5. That massive camera bump is a feature that you’ll probably love or hate. Believe it or not, I’m still undecided. I really want to hate on it, because it looks like a supermassive notch on the back of your phone, but at the same time I’m sort of liking it. The aesthetic aside, the camera is unique for Google also because it’ll probably be the first Pixel phone to sport three lenses.

Modeled in Rhino 6. Rendered in Keyshot 9.
Click here to download the Pixel 5 wallpaper!




These images belong to Sarang Sheth and should not be replicated or reproduced without consent from the designer. Please contact me here for permission.

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