LG Wing Concept

The LG Wing Concept presents a radically sensible evolutionary step in the future of Smartphones!

Earlier this week LG ‘leaked’ a video of a concept they were working on. While Samsung, Microsoft, and Motorola were focusing on folding phones, LG’s Wing had a better idea – a phone with a swiveling display, as opposed to a flexible one. Here’s why it’s a better idea.

For starters, the swivel detail is MUCH stronger than a flexible hinge on a folding smartphone. It’s easier to implement, more resistant to breakage, and doesn’t involve flexible displays, which get creased when folded.

The unique swivel format also allows the phone to be absolutely bezel-less, with no cameras eating into the display. The front-facing camera, on the other hand, sits behind the swiveling screen… and is only revealed when the phone is opened, offering more privacy.

More importantly though, the LG Wing confirms a really important fact – Larger displays don’t make multitasking easy, multiple displays do. By creating a visual split between the two displays, the LG Wing concept really offers a distinctly different UI that separates the visual elements from the control-panels. This means the upper screen displays information, like playing videos, showcasing album art, or allowing you to see what you’re photographing, while the lower, smaller screen acts as a dedicated control panel, allowing you to type, play-pause music, or click pictures. Sensible, isn’t it?

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