Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Concept

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Concept was created for LetsGoDigital. The original piece can be found here.

Based on a patent filed in mid-2018 at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), Samsung is reported to be working on a folding smartphone with a dual-hinge and a slide-out keyboard that bridges the gap between phone and laptop. LetsGoDigital (who uncovered the patents) has christened this the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and here’s what visualizations of the rumored product look like!

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 concept… It actually folds in the shape of the letter Z, and comes with one singular screen that cascades from the inside to the out, unlike previous folding models that had a dedicated external display and a folding internal one.

When opened, the dual-hinge format gives the smartphone multiple orientation possibilities. You could potentially open it out completely, turning it into a tablet, or use it in one of many shapes, allowing the phone’s flexible body to work as a stand, and it’s slide-out keyboard to turn it into a makeshift yet very capable laptop. There are two ways of using it in the laptop mode (shown above). One gives you access to the front-facing camera, and the other lets you have a dual-screen setup. The keyboard comes with a numpad for convenience, and even features a voice-narration button for ease of use.

The phone’s dual-hinge, three-part setup definitely results in a thicker device, but it still tries to stay within an inch in thickness, making it relatively pocket-friendly and roughly as thick as most bifold wallets. Where it lacks in sleekness, it makes up for in functionality by being your all-in-one smartphone/tablet/laptop hybrid!

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