Xbox Cloud Controller Concept


The Xbox Cloud Controller is a conceptual piece of work and isn’t affiliated with Microsoft or Xbox in any way. It was originally created for Yanko Design, and can be found ‘here’.

The controller bases itself off patents found in July 2019 that illustrated how two controller-devices would snap to the sides of a smartphone to turn it into a handheld console. Building on that, and the announcement of Project xCloud (Microsoft’s cloud-based gaming platform to rival Google Stadia) these conceptual controllers try to visualize how a portable version of the Xbox would look!

Modeled in Rhinoceros 6. Rendered in Keyshot 8.


Featured on: Yanko Design, T3, HypeBeast,, Stuff.TV, Digital Trends, LAD Bible, and more!

These images belong to Sarang Sheth and should not be replicated or reproduced without consent from the designer. Please contact me here for permission.

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